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49cc Motorized Bike Build And Review

4-stroke 49cc gas petrol motorized bike bicycle engine motor diy kit scooter faction is our ultimate goal. Feedback is very important to us. A If you receive a defective item, you may return it or ask for a discount. Feature This engine is a 4-stroke motor engine kits, includes everything a motor needs at a economic price This 4-stroke motor is more stable, more reliable and quieter than the 2 stroke rivals With powerful motor and 44 tooth 9 hole sprocket, this motor is with speed 27-32 MPH / or 43-51 KPH With 41.8 x 36 mm bore stroke, 49 cm3 displacement, oil tank capacity 2.5L Fits normal 28 V frame bike and 26 ATV bike, both with 28-40mm frame tube Note If your bike has one piece cranks you will need a European Bottom Bracket Adapter for the wide cranks to be installed.